Sierra Hanson

Sierra Hanson

Tennessee, USA

Sierra Hanson demonstrated musical interest and promise at an early age. She first began learning on the piano when she was nine years of age, in Moreno Valley, CA. Her music instruction began under Ryan Crampton, a former indie band member and teacher of piano and guitar among other instruments. Crampton taught her the basics of piano for about a year, igniting the passion that she would soon cultivate for music and piano. She loved to not only practice, but also experiment with the knowledge that she had, learning every song that appealed to her in the least. Following this period, Hanson moved from southern California to eastern Tennessee, which initiated a period of irregular lessons for the next several years. However, despite this obstacle to her personal growth as a musician, her love for piano only continued to grow stronger and faster, and she eventually began composing for the first time. She composed her first solo piano piece, “Windswept Moors”, at twelve years of age. Two years later, she came under the musical guidance of Patrick Lee Hebert, a known new age piano artist, composer, performer, and teacher. After a short time, Hebert noticed in Hanson a unique gift for composing and playing piano as a whole. He subsequently offered Hanson a position as a special student at Highland Piano Studios, an independent label and studio which he founded in 1990. Hanson thereafter studied under Hebert as an intern, which involved rigorous studying of classical and new age piano and composition. She also focused must on the art of teaching piano as well as artist development for her compositions.

After two years of intense musical instruction as a part of the Highland Piano internship, Hanson released her debut album in 2013, titled “New Mercies”, under the Highland Piano Studios label. This is a full length album of her original compositions for solo piano. “New Mercies” is available for listening and/or purchase wherever music is sold online, including iTunes, Amazon, MySpace,,, and Spotify.

Hanson is continuing to build her own musical career, as she both teaches and composes on a regular basis. She is also currently concertizing in Tennessee and surrounding areas to promote her album and share her gift of music.

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