Sergio Roberto

Sergio Roberto

United Kingdom

A collection of soft piano music, typically played on the Una Corda. A new release, a new journey each month…

Sergio Roberto was created in January 2022 by a composer/pianist as a fun hobby and project. The name was chosen at random but gained slight inspiration by the character Sergio from money heist (The professor) as I was watching the show at the time whilst planning a pseudonym to use.

The type of music I plan on releasing will fall under the categories minimalism and contemporary piano music. I enjoy making soft piano music and pieces that are great to relax or study to. I don’t make complex music unlike how a lot of traditional classical pieces are composed, instead I prefer to make simpler and occasionally more emotive music.

You may also be wondering why I have decided to call myself Sergio Roberto in the first place? Well, sometimes the most obvious answer is the correct one, I’d prefer to keep myself a little more private. A lot of your favourite artists do it as well, and as for some of them, you might not even know they have a pseudonym! Plus, I think it’s kind of fun :)

So… Hopefully this clears up the basics around Sergio Roberto. When there is more to add to the story, I will update this in time.

Artist Blog

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