Sergio Roberto

Sergio Roberto

United Kingdom

Who is Sergio Roberto?
Sergio Roberto is a made up character (pseudonym), that was created in January 2022 by a pianist/composer as a fun hobby, to express the wonders of minimalism piano music.

Why use this name?
My goal as a composer isn’t about having a strong social presence or being well known (in real life). I enjoy creating music, and using a fake character allows me to separate my private and music lives. The “Sergio” part was taken from a character in a TV show, and the “Roberto” I randomly added to complete the name. “Wow, Seems like a very random way of choosing a pseudonym” (I know) but I wanted something a little bit unique and this is what I came up with :)

Can Sergio speak multiple languages?
Unfortunately no. Some people assume Sergio is Italian or Spanish and well Sergio could be, however I’m actually from the UK and only speak English, so Sergio cannot speak any other languages.

What music do you make?
I create minimalist, relaxing, piano music. My style is simple and not overcomplicated and my pieces normally last between 1:30mins - 3:00mins. I tend to play around with mellow felt pianos but sometimes I enjoy the natural piano sound too.

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