Roth Herrlinger

Roth Herrlinger

Los Angeles, CA

Roth Herrlinger draws on a broad range of styles and traditions in his solo piano compositions, from Beethoven to Billy Joel, Rachmaninoff to George Winston. His solo instrumental piano CD, Translucent, was released in 2009. A review by Wayne Lee, former music critic for the Washington (D.C.) Times, the Seattle Times, and Jazziz, said, “These are the mature compositions of a confident, spirited and emotionally honest songwriter… . These songs are technically proficient, stylistically consistent and firmly rooted in nature, family, and faith. They show an abundant appreciation for simple pleasures and authentic experiences… . This is music that will seep into your subconscious and nourish you with its sheer beauty.”

Roth’s music has been featured on numerous radio and television programs and in film. A native Midwesterner now living in Los Angeles, Roth is a really nice guy and cannot tell a lie.

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