rada neal

rada neal

Green Valley, AZ

About Rada:

Rada Neal began her life in a refugee camp in Germany, the daughter of two Yugoslavian refugees. Her family survived and her parents realized their dream of moving their family to a safe and prosperous environment, moving to Indiana soon after World War II. Rada has loved music all her life. She began playing violin in the 3rd grade, but soon began playing the piano when her neighbors moved away, leaving their heavy upright grand piano as a gift to Rada’s family.

My mother was my biggest inspiration. She obviously had a love for music but never had a chance for study. I’ll always remember her gentle reminder to get me to practice, and how she made me feel like I was on ‘cloud nine’ with her positive reassuring words.

Rada was trained at Indiana University, where she received her B.A. in Music in 1973. She was taught in the classical style, but always had a preference for finding her own way, and creating her own style. She recounts the experience….

‘What will YOU do with a degree in music?’ ... as my professor was saying. Well pardon me! I will share my love of music with anyone I encounter. I will put my heart into each and every song I play and write. I will try to make people feel good when they listen to me play.

Rada taught music for 3 years in Merrillville, Indiana from 1973-1975, and then became an accompanist for the US Steel Choir, Gary Indiana, from 1974-1975. She has also served as a pianist for the Guadalajara National Philharmonic (1975-1976), performing at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in San Diego, California. Her resume also includes the following:

B.A. Music: Indiana University, 1973
Music Teacher: Merrillville School District, Merrillville, Indiana, 1973-1975.
Accompanist: US Steel Choir, Gary Indiana, 1974-1975.
Pianist: Guadalajara National Philharmonic, performing at the Sheraton Airport Hotel, San Diego, California, 1975-1976.
Pianist: Rancho Bernardo Inn, Rancho Bernardo, California, 1976-1977.
Pianist: Doc Masters on Shelter Island, San Diego, California, 1977-1978.
Pianist: La Mediterranae, Solana Beach, California, 1978-1979.
Pianist: Maitre’d, La Jolla, California, 1982-1990.
Pianist: Super Bowl Half-time show, San Diego, California, 1988
Independent Music Teacher: Francis Parker School, San Diego, California, 1980-2002.
Rada’s music is peaceful and relaxing to listen to, taking advantage of the rich timbre and tones that the piano provides. In her own words:

I like to write lyrical, melodic and romantic melodies. I don’t need to have lyrics, yet I love how a good lyric will set the tone of a piece. My favorite lyricists would probably be Marilynn and Alan Bergmann together with Michel Legrand’s gorgeous melodies.

I am fond of musicians that have a beautiful touch on the piano. I had the great fortune to hear Henry Mancini play and I loved his touch. People often comment on my touch and I feel I have found my personal, unique and intimate style.

Rada Neal enjoyed performing with the EPR artists Oct. 2015 @ CARNEGIE Hall and Oct. 2017 at THE GRAND OLE OPRY. She is most recently and artist with WHISPERINGS Piano Radio.

Thank you, Mom and Dad. I couldn’t have asked for better parents. Can you hear my music?

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