Preston Peak

Preston Peak

Houston, TX

Preston Peak (b. 1998) is passionate about studying music’s origins, innovations, cultural deviations and similarities, and ultimately making music that he loves. Originally attaining a bachelors of science in biomedical engineering at Texas A&M university, Preston’s passions for composition led him to begin composing for solo piano and smaller chamber ensembles for his friends to perform.

Though he has yet to have a piece premiered, along his journey, he found himself composing for video games, and this medium is a wonderful realm where diversity of genre, instrumentation, culture, and ideas is encouraged. His most recent project includes an original soundtrack for a game which incorporates latin-jazz, orchestral, and electronic elements to provide subtle ambience.

Preston is still early in his journey, but continues to study music in Houston, Texas, where he is based with his wonderful fiancé, Hailey.

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