Peter Vantine

Peter Vantine

Middleton, MA

Massachusetts native Peter Vantine has been writing, performing and producing music professionally in a variety of genres for over 30 years. Since his first performance at age eight, he has devoted much of his life to honing his craft as a composer, arranger and pianist/organist. His music has been featured on the concert stage as well as in film/television/media, including The Biography Channel, The Discovery Channel, MTV, PBS, Warner Brothers Online, the Salem Wax Museum, and The Learning Company. He has produced over 30 music CDs (many of which include his own music), including a classical piano album aimed at raising awareness and funding for Alzheimer’s research ( In 2014, Peter was nominated for Album of the Year by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, and Christian Album of the Year by He was also the grand prize recipient of the 2001 Turner Classic Movies Young Composer’s Competition that led him to score and record over 70 minutes of orchestral music for the silent film Camille (1921 version).

Artist Blog

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