Oskar Kappland

Oskar Kappland

Somewhere in the World

Oskar Kappland, 23, is a modern classical pianist, film composer, songwriter, and full-time traveler. Hailing from the beautiful Swedish west coast, he began recording and releasing his own piano compositions while living in a small village in Japan in 2018. Since then, he’s released three albums, collaborated with some of neoclassical’s greatest artists, and gotten placements on some of Spotify’s largest playlists.

The albums Echoes (2019) and Vintergatan (2020) feature some of Oskar’s most successful pieces, including Blissful Ignorance, Morning Mystery, and Förgätmigej. In December 2019, to mark his five-year anniversary with his partner, he released the self-written, heartfelt travel-love-pop-ballad anthem Small World featuring vocals from Kimia. The song was placed on Spotify’s New Music Friday Sweden and quickly became popular in Scandinavia and beyond.

In October 2020, Oskar headed a collaborative project with Shoshana Michel, Dominique Charpentier, Cinthya Garcia, Manuel Zito, Andres Jacque, and Andréa Aubertin to create Symmetry, an album highlighting artists from underrepresented minorities in neoclassical music like women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people of color.

“[Oskar’s music is] so emotionally powerful, I always hate to reach the end. Repeat button, where are you?” - Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

“Oskar perfectly showcases his talent as a pianist and songwriter by delivering highly emotional and dreamy music.” - Caesar Live n Loud

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