Marc Clément

Marc Clément


At the age of 5, Marc CLEMENT joined the conservatory of music at Salon de Provence. Up to now, he has devoted his entire life to the art of music in general: Art studies (1976’1991) Yamaha music training center in Toulouse, pupil of Jean’Philippe DELRIEU (church organ) pupil to Zavarro art workshop, private pupil with Frédéric MARTIN (composition of modern music, orchestra works Paris) pupil of Nebojsa PETKOVIC, pupil of Jean ROBERT (classical music writing), pupil of Raymond PIERRE (music calligraphy). A practicing musician at the age of 17 (DURAND publishing, Amphion, Ricordi, IRCAM); Marc CLEMENT engraves for almost 10 years the new music's of composers such as Alain FERON, Marco STROPPA, Edith LEGET, Serge ASPERGIS, Frédéric MARTIN, Pierre BOULEZ, Philippe MANOURY and many other…

Associated some years with the EMI and SME group, Marc CLEMENT conceives and develops numerous professional solutions joining music and computer techniques… Under the direction and responsibility of Benny SLOUCHIN (inter contemporary group of IRCAM), he creates and equips the first computer class at the national music conservatory of PARIS. He is also the inventor of the VSI system (system for exploitation of music resources), which is a reference in matter of Internet

A very knowledgeable musician, Marc CLEMENT is before all a composer of which the greatest desire is to write and compose even if he is a good piano performer and practice also some percussion's.

Trained by Frédéric MARTIN, he has written many pieces of music chamber and many songs in a very modern style as well as an opera overture “Néroïde” (Massimo del ZIO / Marc CLEMENT).

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