Mark Shearer

Mark Shearer

Writing Through The Window has been a birth of sorts. At times in my life I have lost sight of myself and my passion. Often, I wrote music frenetically hoping that I would “become somebody.” Although I’m grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had to create music for film, television and the stage, I found that I rarely got to write from my heart. I often felt rudderless, tired, and as if I were a stranger standing on the outside looking in on my own life.

There’s nothing like hitting the bottom to help you figure out where you want to be. Through The Window has been the culmination of a journey into my own musical and personal identity. I’m no longer looking in from the outside, I’ve taken a step “through the window.”

Through The Window is quite possibly the most special album I’ve recorded. The simplicity of the solo piano and the freedom to create without limitation liberated me to let go and have some fun. Ironically, it has also been a place of safety and solitude, a connection with myself and those who are truly important to me. Above all, it’s from my heart. Through The Window has been a gift to my soul…and I hope it is a gift to yours as well.

Mark has scored many independent films over the past several years. His music is heard regularly on Fox Sports coverage of the NHL as well as reoccurring spots on E Channel’s Chelsea Lately Show and True Hollywood Stories.

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