Malibu, CA

Passionate pianist, composer and producer, Lisa Hilton grew up in a sleepy Southern California town where instrumental music was always being played at home by her three sisters, as well as by her mother, an accountant. Her father, a college professor, didn’t play an instrument, but her grandfather was a violinist and her great uncle, an accomplished Dutch pianist. Most teens would probably opt for rock concerts, but the first live show Hilton saw was the classic blues duo Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee. “They seemed very old, and really cool by my teenage standards. I was also a big B.B. King fan in those days too.” Originally self-taught on the piano, Hilton began studying classical and twentieth century composers at the age of eight and developed a passion for the blues and jazz in her teens.

In college in San Francisco, the conservative teaching style of the curriculum led Hilton to abruptly quit the piano, and finish with a degree in art instead of music, which led her to a career as an art director. Being an artist remained a goal, and when her love for the piano and composing was reignited by songwriter/producer David Foster, Hilton found a way to combine her long-lost passions into the accomplished artist that she is now. With eleven albums in about as many years, over 140 digital tracks stateside, and two additional CD’s with Evolution/Asia, this prolific composer/pianist is no longer under the radar, and the attention of the media has been aroused. Reviews include “A top notch piano player” All About Jazz, “Refined” NY Jazz Improv, “Her compositional skills are second to none”, The Sounding Board, “Stunning looks and genuine talent” Jazziz, “Throbbing under the current of West Coast cool” Midwest Records, “Impressive talents”, “She’s at the top of the jazz piano genre” Wind

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