Lar Duggan

Lar Duggan

Burlington, Vermont

Born in Washington, DC, I moved to the suburbs of New York City when I was five. I have always loved music and listened to recordings and radio a great deal as a child. The family had a grand piano that had belonged to my great-grandmother, and I began to experiment with it early on. I also listened to my older sister play things like Ernesto Lecuona’s Malaguena.

A couple years if classical lessons followed in grade school, and several years of jazz lessons with Joel Forbes in high school. I became very enamored of jazz and both played and listened for hours each day.

I played my first job at age fifteen, sitting in for Dave McKenna, who couldn’t make it to work one day. I’ve have been working ever since, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Living close to New York City in the late 50s, I went often to hear the jazz greats of that era. I ended up going to college in Boston and studied for a few months with Margaret Chaloff. Since that time I have continued to work and compose. I have lived in Vermont since 1967 and rarely leave.

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