Kathryn Toyama

Kathryn Toyama


Classically-inspired new age solo pianist Kathryn Toyama finally returns to the piano after almost 30 years of personal transitions and not touching the piano, finding catharsis through the creative process and the belief that musical vibrations which are emotionally positive can reach the heart and improve how we feel and also relate to each other. Her album “Hope for Harmony” debuted at No. 5 on the NAR World Radio Chart in May 2007. R.J. Lannan of the New Age Reporter writes: “Kathryn’s music gives credence that there is hope to be found, no matter what the situation… Her sweet, free-flowing solo piano compositions are part of her healing process and good medicine for any of us with an ailing spirit… Her wish is to touch but one heart and let fate do the rest. She has touched mine.”

Based on the results of scientific auditory research which reveal how emotional resonance can be felt through music, she hopes that her music can evoke a sense of comfort, personal healing and spiritual connection. Kathryn is also involved with a non-profit organization called Healing with Harmony (http://www.healingwithharmony.com), whose philosophy echoes her own, comforting the mind, body and spirit through music.

Kathryn has written an article on “The Spiritual Significance of Music” which was included in a compilation book recently published. The entire entry is available here: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view

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