Karl Prybyloski

Karl Prybyloski

Lisbon London

I prefer to describe myself as a piano improviser rather than a classical pianist. Although I studied classical piano, I never quite fitted into any strict doctrine or into any academic approach to music and to my instrument. Apart from Rachmaninoff and Beethoven, as long as I can remember, it was improvising that gave me the biggest thrill and fulfillment.

In 2014 a project of Inner Oceans came into light. My fascination with ocean in conjunction with jazz classes led me to seek my own musical language in which I could express all that water related obsessions and my own life experiences. Inner Oceans, in this aspect, formed me as a musician far more than years spent in academia. It was also a liberating, personal experience.

After successful recitals in Barcelona, Lisbon and London, Inner Oceans went public, leading me to participate in numerous musical projects. It also proved that an improvisation piano recital can attract equally vast public, bringing some fresh air to the usual classical recital programs. After all, a figure of a piano improviser is still very much underestimated and too often linked to the world of jazz only.

I am currently composing my first piano sonata and, simultaneously, transcribing into music sheet my best improvisations, hoping to publish them soon.

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