Justin K. Reeve

Justin K. Reeve


My name is Justin Reeve. I’ve been playing the piano for over 30 years. I love performing in the community now and then, but I especially love it when the Christmas season comes around. Playing Christmas music is one of my favorite things to do.

I’ve been composing songs since my teenage years. Around 2009, I started getting more serious about creating music, and started recording and posting Christmas song requests to my site every day in December up until Christmas day. Some of these turned out great, while others were a little…rough around the edges. Since then, I’ve tried to compose a few Christmas songs every year, as well as some sacred music. I hope you enjoy my songs as much as I loved coming up with them.

Music is one of the unifying traits of humanity. I think everyone should find ways to express themselves through music, whether it’s listening to old favorite songs, discovering new ones, singing with others, learning and playing an instrument, getting swept up in the music at a concert, or just sharing songs you love with another person.

All my songs are free for listening and downloading on my web site ([url=https://music.justinreeve.com]https://music.justinreeve.com[/url]). You’ll find sheet music for a lot of them, too. You can also find my music on all major streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and elsewhere around the web.

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