Julie Hanney

Julie Hanney


Julie is a composer/pianist living near the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon.  Julie received a B.A. in Music with a special emphasis in composition from the University of Oregon.  She did graduate studies in composition with Dr. Robert Kyr. Julie is a published composer of many works for choir, piano and other instruments.  When she isn’t working on an array of musical projects, she loves to explore the natural world.  Kayaking, hiking, camping, forest bathing and seeking out hot springs are some of her favorite pursuits. 

Julie’s whole family is musical including her husband Derwyn (a singer), son Kyle (a pianist, drummer, singer and songwriter), son Ryan (a guitarist, singer, songwriter and bass player) and daughter Amy (a classically trained cellist who is attending music conservatory).  Julie also has two beloved dogs: Lily the Labradoodle and Ella the Sheepadoodle.

Julie one of two a members of 20 Fingers Piano Duo.  20 Fingers is committed to bringing joy via the piano.  With jazzy interpretations of everything from the Beatles to Beethoven, they are always entertaining and inventive. Kyle Pickard provides the 10 other fingers for the duo.  :-)

Julie released two CDs in 2019.  The first is titled Painting in Sound, an album that brought nature to musical life with songs such as Redwoods, Canyon Glide, Raindrop Prelude, Forest Bath and Wildflower song.

Her second release is the Christmas album titled A Peace-Filled Christmas. The 12 songs on this album certainly do impart peace and present an invitation to pause, breathe and be grateful for the present moment.  This album is the antidote to an over-scheduled, stressful holiday season. With songs from ancient carols to jazzy interpretations of classics to new-age infused beloved melodies, this CD is a sweet journey through the holiday.

Thank you for reading and I truly hope that you enjoy my music.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in getting sheet music of any my songs. I am working on notating my originals and arrangements. 


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