Joseph Akins

Joseph Akins

Murfreesboro, TN

Joseph Akins is a award winning pianist-composer who uses his Southern roots, pop/rock influences and years of jazz training to write, perform and record contemporary piano music. As of 2016, he has produced six albums as the featured artist. Also, Joseph teaches audio production as a tenured professor for the Recording Industry Department at Middle Tennessee State University. Being a keyboard player and composer, his specialty is MIDI and sound synthesis.

From junior high through college, Joseph performed tirelessly as a keyboard and saxophone player for country, pop and jazz bands. In recent years he has accompanied as the pianist for legendary singers such as Lamont Dossier and John Conlee, but most of his recent performances has been as a solo piano artist. He has performed twice at the Annual All-Star Whisperings Award Concert in Costa Mesa, CA and has shared the stage with many well-known contemporary pianists such as David Lanz and Liz Story. His wife, Unita, is also a singer-songwriting artist.

Joseph holds bachelor and master degrees in music and a doctorate in education. His three Siamese cats don’t really care.


2015 - Castle Moon
Nominated for ‘Best Album of the Year’ by Solo Piano Radio
Nominated for ’ Best Album of the Year’ by Enlightened Piano Radio

2013 - A Southern Sun
Nominated for ‘Best Solo Piano Album’ by Zone Music Reporter
‘Top 30 Favorites of 2013’ at
Nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ by Enlightened Piano Radio

2011 - A Piano Christmas
Winner of ‘Album of the Year’ at
Nominated for ‘Best Holiday Album of Year 2011’ at

2009 - Spirit Touch
‘Top 40 Albums of the Decade 2000-2009’ at
‘Top 30 Favorites of 2009’ at

2007 - Masterpeace
The title track, ‘Masterpeace’, was selected for one of the ‘50 Best Piano Songs of All Time’ at Reviews New Age

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