Holger Stief

Holger Stief

Hamburg, Germany

Holger Stief is a modern-classical pianist & composer from Hamburg, Germany.

Building upon a rather diverse musical background, his accessible style of composing is characterized by haunting melodies and soundscapes, combined with his exploration of the full dynamic range of the piano in a way reminiscent of the Romantic era of classical music. His music takes the listener on an introspective journey full of colours and moods, ranging from calm, delicate tranquillity to thundering agitation.

Born into a musical household, Holger inhaled music from early on and started classical piano lessons at age 6. Already at age 7 he composed his first solo piano piece.

Although he never had a single formal composition lesson throughout his life, composing naturally became his way of self-expression.

Soon, his musical journey took him far beyond the boundaries of classical music and even the piano itself, as he ventured into extremes of musical genres and expression, and taught himself to play both the guitar and bass in the process. To accommodate the frequent recording needs for his projects, eventually he built up a digital recording studio within his living room, ultimately making music a visibly inseparable part of his life.

Despite these explorations into “foreign” territory, the piano always remained Holger’s first love and the main outlet for his most personal compositions. In recent years, he has come back full circle, by putting his focus solely on the piano again and striving to make his piano compositions available to a worldwide audience. Fully embracing the possibilities of the digital era, he is avidly exploring the DIY-route, handling everything from audio and video production, as well as artwork design to the publishing and promotion of his works himself.

2017 saw the worldwide digital release of Holger’s first official solo piano album “At The Lake Of Solitude”.

In 2018, he created a YouTube channel, where he is now frequently posting piano videos from the comfort of his home.

Follow his musical journey at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holgerstiefpiano
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKKuqH6G1C9TuJosOx1dXaQ

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