Heather Pierson

Heather Pierson

New Hampshire, USA

Heather Pierson was born on the edge of the American West and raised on the music of the South - blues, jazz, soul - music that is at once both celebratory and melancholy. To define her strictly by these origins, however, is to miss the mark - she is a prolific performer, composer and songwriter in nearly every genre of music. Her wildly and beautifully varied live performances and her growing catalog of CD releases reflect this boundless creativity. New Orleans jazz, Delta blues, poignant and narrative story-songs, Native American chants, New Age instrumental piano, folk-pop - all are well within the capable grasp of this inspiring singer/songwriter and performer as she moves seamlessly from one style to the next.

Like many performing artists, Heather’s uncanny abilities were apparent from an early age. Using both her abilities at the piano and her pitch-perfect vocals as her anchor during a stormy childhood, she emerged from the depths of her hard-edged, working class roots and crafted a world class approach to music - no pretense, no unnecessary frills, just honest and heartfelt music with the intention of connecting and communicating to audiences, one heart and mind at a time. Her nearly non-stop performance schedule speaks to her tireless work ethic and endless dedication to her craft.

Her sixth CD release, The Open Road, is a collection of her stirring solo piano compositions. It features fourteen pieces, including six “Heartland Songs” lovingly dedicated to the place of her birth and early childhood. Other planned future projects include Motherless Child, a blues album of originals and select covers, an Americana/roots album containing her New England Songwriting Contest winner, “A Hard Man To Please”, and a concept CD with the working title Stanley Hill, exploring the many layers of experience of a woman in a psychologically abusive relationship.

Heather continues to devote her life’s work to communicating with audiences through the powerful language of music, in both solo appearances and in various configurations with members of her quartet, in as many dialects as her abilities will allow. Her performances and songwriting capture the depth and character of her heartland roots and the wildness and beauty of her current home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is in these mountains where Heather currently enjoys making a joyful living doing what she loves most - connecting, one heart and mind at a time, to fellows lovers of music and life in all of their captivating forms.

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