Gerald Krampl

Gerald Krampl


The Present:
“Pure Piano, Pure Music” is still the motto for Gerald’s actual work! “Antiques” - the latest solo piano album contains 12, somehow “old fashioned”, classically inspired tracks, associated with memorabilia and episodes of past times. Intended to take the listener on a voyage to the memories of these bygone days.

The Past:
Gerald Krampl’s musical career started in his early youth in the 60s, by being trained in classical piano and music theory. In the 70s and 80s he formed two prog-rock bands, Kyrie Eleison and Indigo, which gained a high reputation worldwide in the prog-rock community. Gerald played keyboards and wrote all songs, and several LPs, CDs and singles were successfully released. His own company IndigoMusic was founded in 1983, first mainly to market his own band works, but soon the rooster was expanded with various side projects ranging from disco to folk, which were produced in the also own studio for various major record companies.

After a break 1993 from the music business followed a new start in 1999 with his AGNUS DEI “Project for Music & Poetry” together with his wife and poet Hilde, settled in the New Age / Therapeutic Music genre. After her unexpected death in 2002, 4 regular albums – Lemuria (2002), Merlyn (2002), Angelos (2003) Gaia (2004) plus 2 Reiki Music compilations (2005) were partly posthumously released, on his therefore new Sandrose label. Successfully distributed by partners in EU, USA and CAN, they were highly acclaimed and also reached top positions in the US New Age Radio Charts.

Since 2006 Gerald works now as a solo artist in a Neo-Classical / Ambient Electronic style, writing and producing music for various projects. So f.e. the soundtrack music for films and web presentations ( - a Web and TV Documentary abou the Holocaust,…), accompanying music for a German spoken fairy tales album – “Es war einmal…”(2008),branded “give away” CDs for companies, and of course also the music for his frequently released solo albums - 31Projects–The Music (expanded soundtrack, 2007), Timediver (2008), Innocent Wasteland (2009), Lighthouse (2010), and Wonder Way (2012), which was this time recorded in collaboration with reknown viola and violin player Peter Sagaischek, who now replaced the synthetic strings sounds with his acoustic instruments, adding a completely new dimension to the songs.

2013 then saw the birth of a first real solo piano album - “Solo Piano Collectibles”, which contains revisited songs from his last three releases plus three new tracks, all played on his vintage Euterpe piano at home on which most of the songs in Geralds musical career were composed.

In 2014 Gerald’s next solo piano album “...until at last, night closes in” was released. This time the completely new composed material, 14 songs in a melodious neo-classical or new age style, was mobile recorded on a beautiful Boesendorfer Grand in the “Theater Kurpark Oberlaa” in Vienna, on just one single day in May.

“Pure Piano, Pure Music” became now the motto for Gerald’s following works! A three solo piano album series was released now from 2015 to 2017, titled “Landscapes”, “Dreamscapes” and “Waterscapes”, all in his in the meantime further developed unique neo-classical / new age style. Also in 2017 was a collection of his best songs from the “electric years” released - the album “Quietude: Essentials 2006 - 2012”.


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Discography (Solo Works):

Antiques (2022) / Singularities (2021) / Storybook (2020) / Pearlfisher: A Collection Of Piano Solos 2009 - 2019 (2020) / Advent & Christmas (Solo Piano Variations) (2019) / Quietude - Essentials 2006 - 2012 (2017) / Waterscapes (Solo Piano) (2017) / Dreamscapes (Solo Piano) (2016) / Landscapes (Solo Piano) (2015) / ...Until At Last, Night Closes In (Solo Piano) (2014) / Solo Piano Collectibles (2013) / Wonder Way (2012) / Lighthouse (2010) / Innocent Wasteland (2009) / Timediver (2008) /31Projects - Soundtrack (2006)

+ 7 albums with Agnus Dei Project, 6 albums with Indigo, 2 albums with Kyrie Eleison, 1 album with popular Fairy Tales accompanied by music.

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