Enrique Lázaro

Enrique Lázaro


Enrique Lázaro is a Spanish pianist and arranger known for covering popular piano arrangements from Movies and TV series.

Enrique was born in Valencia on the 10th of October 1987 and at the young age of 5, he began his musical studies. His main instrument was the clarinet for 13 years and for all those years, he played in his town’s music band and in the symphony orchestra as the main clarinetist and took some piano courses. In 2006 he finished his music degree and took a break from his musical career to focus on engineering studies. His passion for music led him to continue with the piano, create several original compositions for orchestra and open a YouTube channel where he shares his arrangements with fans. Since 2020 he has been a partner of Musicnotes where he distributes the sheet music of his arrangements. Today, Enrique works full-time as a Telecommunications Engineer and spends the rest of his time creating piano music.


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