Bend, OR

“To me music is barrier-breaking, very personal and a passionate link from my heart. Music can speak different ideas to you at different times depending on your mood. Instrumental music does one step better, it transcends languages and speaks to everyone. My music is healing and has always been there for me. I hope you enjoy this journey.”

About David Finch

Piano has been an integral part of David’s life since the tender age of five and after 25 years of learning and exploring music, David has developed a unique style of instrumental piano that is both emotionally soothing and reflective. His first CD, “From The Heart,” embodies 12 years of work, combining pure piano and smooth jazz for a soft, inspiring musical experience.

Inspired by musicians such as David Foster, Tom Grant, Billy Joel and Elton John, David continued his musical calling and enrolled in the music program at University of Portland. From 1990 to 1991, he studied music at the Mozarteum Conservatory in Salzburg, Austria, which he considers one of the best years of his life. Upon his return from Europe, he compiled a four-song suite entitled “Always A Dancer.” The suite included Misha’s Theme, which he wrote during his freshman year in college.

Finch returned home to Central Oregon in 2000. He initially recorded six songs, which were featured on KLRR 101.7 Radio’s “Homegrown” show. Finch released his Debut CD in June of 2001 which includes twelve original instrumental piano pieces and one original with vocals.

To David, music is a second language. It has been with him during hard times and good and will continue to be his close companion.

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