Danae Vlasse

Danae Vlasse

Los Angeles, USA

Danaë Xanthe Vlasse is the director of Music Vision Studios, where she teaches piano, theory and composition. She is an MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher with a degree in Piano Performance and over 15 years of teaching experience. As a composer she has contributed to the film industry, and her work as been featured on international radio broadcast. She is a recipient of the Clouzine International Music Awards, Radio Music Awards, multi-recipient of the Global Music Awards, and the Prestige Music Awards, as well as a multiple-winner of the MTAC “Composers Today” Advanced Division, multiple-winner of the Indie Music Channel Awards, nominated at the Independent Music Awards, and multi-nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Furthermore, she is active in collaborations with other composers from all over the world; she has worked with composers and musicians living all over Europe, the Middle-East and India.

Mrs. Vlasse is presently associated with seven albums;

  2018 (March) - Mrs. Vlasse and Mr. Mischa Lefkowitz released “Solstice” which offers listeners a complete collection of Danaë‘s violin and piano music on a single album!

  2017 (June) - Mischa Lefkowitz featured Mrs. Vlasse’s music as the grande finale to hi s album called “Romance.”

  2017 (Feb) - Mrs. Vlasse released a piano solo album called “Trilogies,” featuring a selection of her most popular piano pieces which combined nearly a quarter-million online plays!

  2016 - Danaë was featured as collaborative pianist and composer for two CD recordings with the LA-Philharmonic violinist Mischa Lefkowitz – these albums are titled “Evening of Romantic Pleasure, Part 3”  and “Evening of Romantic Pleasure Part 4.”

  2015 - Mrs. Vlasse released an album called “Celebrations and Commemoration” featuring her own piano compositions, and shared the performance of her works with the Spanish pianist Carlos Marquez.

  2013 - Danaë released a CD called “The Swans, 12 Valses Mélancoliques” in which she performed the music of the Berlin-based composer Stephan Beneking. The 1st track on the album was in the “top 10” Classical hits on Soundcloud through the 2014 New Year!

  All albums are available for purchase through standard online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon.

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