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Clifford Borg is best known for his piano miniatures, which are recognisable by his traditional classical technique imbued with jazz/pop sensibilities. Clifford`s music comprises stimulating, delicate pieces that ooze sentiment and energy applied in varying juxtaposed measures, in Times of Malta music critic Michael Bugeja`s words. Eric Montfort, also a music critic for the Times of Malta, stated, What is striking about Borg is how he manages to roll so many influences and make them his own.

Born in Malta into a musical family on 11th May 1976, Clifford was exposed to several different kinds of music from a very young age. Clifford Borg has weld these experiences into a style which is varied in its points of reference, but which is at the same time is melodic and minimalistic creating a very stringent musical dramaturgy.

A comparison with any contemporary or classical piano artist or style does not really make sense in Borg\‘s case. His piano style is unique - a kind of epic orchestral soundtrack played without an orchestra. Borg\‘s musical textures augmented with moving images appear even more emotional and expressive.

Clifford began playing the piano at the age of five. Six-year-old Cliff, with his two sisters, already played in his father`s band, entertaining patrons at their family restaurant and later at hotels, clubs and even on national television as The Islanders. Clifford gave a live solo performance on Malta`s national television station when he was ten years old, where he played Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata and Ballad pour Adeline.

Clifford Borg`s public performances have since gone far beyond the shores of his island home. He has performed in prestigious cities such as London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin and Paris, as well as in several other European cities and also in Egypt. Some of the most important performances in the international scene included a piano recital at the European Commission in Brussels and in Saint James Church in London. In Malta, some of the important recitals include two exclusive concerts that were held for the President of Malta, who were Dr Guido de Marco and Mr George Abela respectively and at Manoel Theatre for Teatru Unplugged in 2004. 

De Marco had stated, His music has certainly touched and left a sentimental feeling in our hearts. Indeed, Clifford`s audiences are captivated by the medley of emotions that are evoked by his music. His performances well-received by audiences and critics alike, in 2000, Clifford released his debut album Drifted, followed by Origin in 2008, both of which are piano based albums. In 2014, he released Cross Origin which is a cross- over of different musical styles and was recorded in Germany, Belgium and in Malta. Music from Cross- Origin is being played on international radios such as Guido`s Lounge and Sunset Emotions.

Clifford was composing his own music as soon as he obtained a diploma in piano practical and theory (ALCM) at an early age. His first composition, Longing Dawn placed 7th in Malta`s most prestigious song festival. Hoping, from the album Drifted, was remixed as an ambient dance track and was the third most requested and played track by local artists on Capital Radio.

Emergence,from the album Origin, won the Best Music and Digital Film Award at the Swan Lake Moving Image and Movie Awards (SL:MIMA), an international event recognising the art of creating stimulating visual imagery set to new age piano music. Emergence also won Best Video for Digital Film, which was directed by Markus Mayr, and was also selected in a compilation called Acoustic Visions. Origin was released in Germany by Timezone Records. 

Clifford`s musical experience includes collaborations with local singer Chiara, other artists and international pianists. As part of the band Counting Clouds, his music features in three other albums: Dream Sequence and Toka, 2014, and Breeze, 2015. His music is played regularly on Enlightened Piano Radio and in May 2016, Clifford played with EPR pianists in Berlin and at Lago Maggiore (Italy).  

In Clifford`s opinion, one of his most important works is the piano-based chillout track Eco Ballad with STJ, released by Davino Records, because the project promotes the preservation of the environment whilst promoting education via audio to conserve our planet.

Clifford Borg continues to immerse himself in his music and musical compositions, performing recitals and concerts on a regular basis. Clifford is available to perform at a variety of events and can be contacted on the following email;

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His music has certainly touched and left a sentimental feeling in our hearts. President Guido DeMarco, 2001.

Clifford is providing Maltese audiences with some enjoyable chill-out piano music sounds. Joseph Camilleri Music Critic, Times of Malta, 2002.

What is striking about Borg is how he manages to roll so many influences and make them his own. Eric Montfort \\ Music Critic, Times of Malta 2004.

Drifted is a true example that good, passionate music does not need cosmetic facelifts. Michael Bugeja\\ Music Critic, Malta Independent, 2003.

Stimulating, delicate pieces that ooze sentiment and energy applied in varying juxtaposed measures.  Michael Bugeja \\ Music Critic, Times of Malta, 2009.

Borg`s music is unashamedly chill-out, and very good chill-out at that.  Alex Vella Gregory, Music Critic\\ Times of Malta, 2009.

Music from Origin creates a melodramatic-like audible scenery and very stringent musical dramaturgy. Prof Robert J. Wierzbicki 2010

Origin at times is big music without sounding pretentions Eric Montfrot -Music Critic di-ve 2013

Whenever I listen to Clifford Borg playing the piano, I know that my ears are about to be caressed by delicate music from a broad range of emotional passions spanning a lifetime - Toni Sant music journalist Dec 2016

Borgs music expresses strength, passion, grace, tenderness and whatever else he wants to communicate in a style that is both beautiful and accessible. Its about time Clifford Borg found a bigger audience in the US - Kathy Parsons February 2017

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