Casey Crosby

Casey Crosby

Zurich (Switzerland)

The multi-award winning solo pianist and composer Casey Crosby grew up as the son of a Baptist minister in the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Northern Virginia and in a small rural town in Upstate New York. At the age of ten he began piano lessons and soon discovered his affection for the instrument.

Growing up in the Baptist community, Crosby’s early influences were gospel music, Christian contemporary music, his father’s country music records and his brother’s Irish folk songs.

Crosby studied piano, composition, music education, voice and piano in Lynchburg, Virginia, Syracuse, New York and in Europe. During his university years Crosby was introduced to the music of George Winston and began studying Winston’s influences of Jazz, R’n’B and stride piano. After leaving university, Crosby spent many years on different record labels as a tour and session pianist while maintaining a strong presence in the classical arts working with ballet and modern dance instructors and choreographers.

Today Crosby performs and records under the New Age and Rural Folk Piano but his influences of classical and Celtic music along with his roots in Gospel music are very evident to the listener.

His new album “Calix Meus Inebrians” will be released worldwide by March 28th 2021.

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