Brique a Braq

Brique a Braq

Atlanta, GA

Brique a Braq is a dynamic compositional project by songwriter/producer/composer/instrumentalist Derek Mount (Juno Kids/Former Family Force 5).  Often minimalistic, the expressive pieces are striking chords in the hearts of fans gravitating toward solo piano, post-rock, and ambient music. Brique a Braq pieces have been employed by several creatives, receiving praise for their descriptive ability to aid in storytelling.

Mount’s songs have appeared in feature films (NBCUniversal, Lionsgate), commercials (Nokia, Target), TV programs (CMT, MTV), retail stores (Journey’s, Forever XXI), sporting events (ESPN, CBS, etc.), corporate pieces (BMW, KCRW), and more. He has co-written 8 #1 hits and 15 top-10 hits across various Billboard charts, and creatively contributes to impressive releases in pop, rock, indie, funk, hip-hop, orchestral music, and electronic music.

Each Brique a Braq release has been birthed out of a self-imposed set of boundaries, including limited track-counts and no quantization.  The entire “Cirque Noir” record was created by muting and scoring 6 compelling scenes from old French films.  “Vis á Vis,” the 2018 EP, was released as 6 singles, each title reflecting both its release date and the date on which it was originally composed in the prior year.

Brique a Braq is the founding artist of Man Night Music, Mount’s publishing/production entity, featuring an array of innovative and diverse artists.


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