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    Wow, the weather here in NY has been great and hope this finds everyone well… Also, the weather in Massachusetts was ideal for me as it provided the adequate rainfall for rivers and streams. My latest music video is based there and filmed at over 30 different locations. I hope you enjoy it and can be found on my YouTube channel jkhodge1. Please subscribe to it if you haven’t already. Last Sunday, I did a full virtual concert for the Bayshore-Brightwaters library and you can see that on their library page or on my Facebook page J.K. Hodge. Tomorrow night 6/26 at 7 pm as you wait on line to see the stars I will be giving a world class performance on the new Steinway piano at Custer Institute Inc. It is one of the oldest observatories in the state!

    Main Bayview Rd, Southold, NY 11971
    (631) 765-2626.

    My best to everyone and I’m doing pretty good with my gardens! First time gardener and all tips are welcome on how to keep things in full bloom! Cheers!
    J.K. Hodge

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