• Painting in sound… and thoughts and actual paint…  :-)

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    ​My new CD release is titled Painting in Sound and I hope you will give it a listen on Spotify, Youtube, CD Baby or my website: http://juliehanneypiano.com/ I titled it “Painting in Sound” because I feel that’s what we do as composers. We take these hues - Dbmaj7, Gbm, Absus… We take the finer details - the melody, the counter melody… We consider the scale of the work, both in terms of length and in terms of volume… And then we create this “painting” for the ears. :-)

    I was inspired by nature for this CD. I live in Oregon and get to spend a lot of time in wild, natural places. There is something so peaceful about being in an ancient forest. Something so calming about gazing at a still lake that is reflecting earth and sky. Something so engaging about a fresh rain blessing the earth and creatures with necessary life and energy. People who have listened to my CD say that they have felt the connection to nature and peace as they listen. One listener said that they fall asleep to this CD every night, which some might take offense to… ;-) but I consider high praise indeed!

    Another reviewer described my CD Painting in Sound like this, “If George Winston and Erik Satie had a musical baby, it would be Julie Hanney.” :-) This made me chuckle, but then I played through a few of my songs and thought, “Hmmm… high praise, but I will take it!” George Winston and Erik Satie are among my mentors and musical heroes.

    I hope that in this world of energy, over-stimulation (at times) and a frenetic pace of life being encouraged and sometimes demanded… that you can take a moment… or 30… :-) and relax into a different rhythm. The rhythm of breath. The rhythm of flowing water. The rhythm of breezes and rain and the movement of a large bird’s wingspan over a canyon.

    And then there’s the actual painting part, which I’m not so gifted at, but I love to do. A white canvas, some bright acrylic paints and an hour can do much for the soul, the brain, the heart. I probably won’t be sharing my visual paintings with the world much ;-) but it’s the act of stepping away from *consuming* and becoming a *creator* that is so powerful and truly life-changing. Whether you “paint” in the kitchen by creating new tastes and textures that excite, or on paper, or in a garden or…? I hope that you experience that almost undefinable joy and flow of energy, creativity and ideas as you open yourself up.

    Thank you for visiting my page here on SoloPiano.com! If you are interested in purchasing sheet music to my songs, I’m working on that, so please email me at juliehanneypiano@gmail.com with your requests.

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