• The Making of Set on a Hill, Pt. 1

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    I’m sitting in a Caribou Coffee as I’m writing this. Two very chatty ladies behind me discussing Pirouline cookies, another diagonally across from me pretending to read a James Patterson novel yet she hasn’t turned a single page, peering from behind the paperback as if she’s practicing her voyeuristic competence. It’s just the four of us so I highly doubt she’s building a case.

    Last week, my new solo piano Set On A Hill was released on iTunes. At this time, it’s only available via digital download. Within a few weeks it’ll be available as a cd if you would like. The album is one that I have wanted to record since I could crawl onto the piano bench as a kid (well, relatively speaking). The last three albums have been with my trio consisting of piano/bass/drums. I’ve loved doing every one of them, however I finally decided to record this one. The only thing that has kept me (oh…side note. Ms. CSI has just left the building, tote in hand. Hummm). Sorry, where was I? Oh, the reason that it’s taken me so long to release this album is because I honestly didn’t think the world needed another solo piano album. Particularly with this one being more of a relaxed, chilled sound as opposed to the jazz albums I’ve done.

    Ok, I hate to leave you hanging but I must. Don Johnson’s “Heartbeat” is playing in the background and I have lost ALL creativity at this point and must leave before Rick James makes a sudden appearance. I promise to continue this tomorrow, considering my sonic recovery.


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