• inspiration to compose

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    "The great composer does not set to work because he is inspired but becomes inspired because he is working." Ernest Newman….

    I do recognize that sound itself is an inspiration for me. If I play a piece that has a catchy sound to me ear then my inner-ear is triggered to write my own sound combination. The short , snippet ideas seem to form quickly. I have to notate them immediately or I might not remember exactly what I have heard. Once the notation begins then it’s a step by step process for me of improvising and choosing what I like to write down. If a measure it sounding just ok to me I may have to invert my idea or perhaps try to make it simpler. Often i will finish a section and count the measures. Nine? ....shouldn’t it be 8 , 10 or 12 measures? Oh ‘what the heck’ I say to myself….I can write it as it came. I can change the meter and the signature as I please.The only person who will really need to tell me I don’t like it or it needs modifying is myself.

    ....on to another day of composing….