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         Music began at the age of five when Benjamin first sat at the piano. Like the rest of the siblings in his family, piano lessons were an expected priority above most other childhood activities. Benjamin's two older sisters, who also played the piano, were his inspiration and reason to keep playing and playing so he could one day be like them. Lessons were a regular thing for Benjamin which lead him to give his first full concert at age 8. Studying under the supervision of prized Teachers in the Las Vegas valley, Benjamin continued to grow and learn more of the musical art.
         When Benjamin, who goes by Benn, was 12, his parents got divorced which tore the family in two. Many financial sacrifices had to be made to help Benn's mom make ends meet, so his formal lessons were cancelled. From then on, Benn continued to teach himself, never letting go of the piano. 
         When it came time for the high school years, Benjamin attended the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts, where he "majored" in Choral studies and Piano Performance. His teachers there helped him grow tremendously, giving him constant feedback, and critique to help him strive to reach his full potential. Many other experiences there helped build a unique and fun background that Benn would be using for the rest of his musical life. 
         A few years after high school, Benn prepared to leave on a 2 year mission for his church, to serve in the country of Peru. Prior to his departure, Benn arranged his first song of a religious hymn, which he performed at the open house celebrating his departure. It all started there.
         Almost two years have passed since Benjamin has returned from Peru. During that time he met his beautiful wife Megan. (He loves her a lot). Over the course of his time in Peru, he didn't come into contact with many pianos, so his talent was put on hold. But upon his return, he got right back to the piano and returned to doing what he loves most. During the time since his return, he has arranged around 12 different hymns for solo piano. The songs that are available here are just a small glimpse on the album project that is still in production. He is going to record this weekend. Good Luck!

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