• One Musician’s Confession

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    Like everything else, you start with a blank sheet of paper…a silent sheet of paper…a silent mind…a silent heart…it is then God can come in and do the work.

    Your Spirit is alive and well.

    Like everything else a song has a form and structure…songs that don’t, are not wrong, they may not be recognizable or “satisfying” to our ear and hearts as we are humans, and humans long for structure…our Spirits long to be satisfied….listening to a song is the same way. Our Spirit, Heart, Mind, knows what it wants when it is hearing the song. In the beginning the Mind and Heart are fighting to control what the rest of the song should sound like, as opposed to letting the Soul live in the moment of the song. As a musician, there is a balance. To satisfy that soul of the listener, make it connectable, give it structure, and put it in human form.

    Music is not mass….not matter…it is created. It has no cell structure, nor does it depend on a biological system to keep it going. Music is created…by those Souls, a yearning to express…to share with others….what our Souls yearn to do; but also give to those what is worthy to listen to. What is worth the listeners time. Using the rules of composition theory to guide…but only to guide. Let it not “determine” in what direction the story should go. Let it guide and only guide. Let the Soul carry it and lead you to the destination you want to share. These are not simply notes from the hammer of keys…or writings on a page…they are most intimate and a yearning voice straight from the Soul. Sharing as it yearns for a connection. Yearning for that greater understanding. Yearning for community. The goal not to create for self. To create for the common good…the greater good. Striving to serve as a medium of which expression is passed through…because the greater God made us to be with others and connect…to have a language of love…that creative language of song. May you listen to that song, may you connect with it, and understand that you are not alone…that song is a message of unity, understanding, love, yearning to share with you. Peace.

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