• Holiday Solo Piano Album - Coming Nov 25th!

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    I’m currently working on my third piano album, and it is set to release to the public on November 25th! I’m putting the last final touches on the album. You can learn more about it at: http://justinpagewood.com/december/

    It’s a 5-track, holiday solo piano album, just in time before the holidays get started, and perfect to play during your holiday events this Thanksgiving & Christmas season.

    Here’s a but more about each track on the album.


    An original piano compositions, based originally on the piano and vocals version from the album “Dark Blue.” The song was about four years of composition work, with numerous revisions and hundreds of practices. The original melody and base line were written in December on a steinway piano at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point, California.


    The song was written between Summer 2013 and completed in November 2013, as a composition based on several different styles and melodies, blended together. It was written during the time Justin found out he and his wife were pregnant with their first child, Jayden. And so the song is named after him.


    Forest is a short song, as a continuation to ‘Jayden,’ and is two different piano recordings mixed together. The base line and chords continue throughout the song, while the melody was entirely improvised on the spot during the recording sessions for the album.


    This song is based on the original Christmas hymn. The original song, possibly from the 8th century, is based on the biblical prophecy from Isaiah 7:14 which states that God will give Israel a sign that will be called Immanuel, translated as ‘God with us.’ Matthew 1:23 states fulfillment of this prophecy in the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.


    The original song was written by Vince Guaraldi in 1965 for the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special. Vince Guaraldi and his jazz compositions are one of Justin’s biggest influences on his style of playing, and one of his favorite Christmas tunes.

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