Bartolomej Stanković

Bartolomej Stanković

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bartolomej Stanković is a pianist from Bosnia and Herzegovina and an assistant professor at the Piano Department of the Academy of Music, University of East Sarajevo. He started his education in music in the School for Primary Education in Music Avdo Smajlović in Visoko, in the class of professor Bahrija Šabanović. In Sarajevo, he finished the Secondary School of Music Sarajevo, in the class of professor Angelina Bojović-Pap. In 2011, he obtained his magister’s degree from the Academy of Music in Zagreb, in the class of emeritus professor Pavica Gvozdić. He also finished a postgraduate study at the Steinway Academy in Verona, in the class of pianist Federico Gianello. He has improved in seminars by eminent piano pedagogues: Andrej Pisarev, Grigory Gruzman, Naum Grubert, Peter Eicher, Jan Jiracek von Armin, Arsen Čarkić, Jelena Pavić, Gregor Vidović and Andrea Dindo. He has won numerous prizes at state and international competitions, as well as of the Rector’s Prize of the University of Zagreb for the project PIANO - Through History and Construction which was presented in the form of concert presentations in a few cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.  In April 2013, he represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 27th Music Bienalle in Zagreb. He has also cooperated with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra and held about 60 solo concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy and Austria. In March 2018, Nota Bene Records published his CD Balkan Madness BH edition with selected works of Bosnian contemporary composers.

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