Austin Wheelwright

Austin Wheelwright

An emerging New Age pianist and composer, Austin Wheelwright began his music training at the age of eight. He started by taking piano lessons from his grandma, which didn’t last long.  It wasn’t until he realized that girls love a boy at the piano that he decided to devote serious practice time to it. This decision led him to many opportunities in the future, including meeting his wife years later.

Austin learned many different instruments while he was a teenager. He joined the Utah Youth Symphony during high school playing the trombone and discovered a great love for orchestral music. In particular, he fell in love with the cello and made a resolution to learn to play it. His desire to dive into the string world led him and a friend to create a community orchestra program in his hometown.

In college, Austin studied choral education for a time to push himself musically. During his college years, he began composing music as a hobby, recording music for friends and family. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and currently works in the medical field, seeking to become a Physician Assistant.

Austin’s passion for music has never left him. The music he brings to life is engaging and meaningful. He can often be found playing the piano, cello or singing in his spare time, usually accompanied by his busy children who love to make music with their dad.

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