Annie Locke

Annie Locke

Cotswolds, UK

It’s perhaps unusual for someone to complete a degree at the Royal Academy of Music, with piano as a principal study, and not realise that they can write music. But this is precisely what happened to Annie Locke. And for quite a while, even after leaving college, she was totally unaware of her ability to do so.

But then, Annie discovered that she could indeed write and improvise music. And her first album, The Living Earth, created within a year of beginning to compose, sold over 50,000 copies, mainly by word of mouth, and was apparently placed in the top ten of Billboard’s new age chart at the time.After the success of the first album, she left the BBC, then wrote her next two albums, Portraits and Memories, intended for relaxation, in the space of the next couple of years.

Her work, with its lingering melodies, and stemming from her classical roots, is distinctive, yet easily accessible and immediately appealing. Many people also comment on how relaxing they find her music.


From the moment when she began to compose, Annie was always improvising piano pieces, which didn’t really fit with her earlier albums. She played some of these at concerts including a solo piano concert at Cheltenham Town Hall, which is a noted venue in England for classical music.

But her long-held desire, to do some solo piano albums, was finally fulfilled with this latest album, A Glimmer of Hope, which she plans to be the first of several solo piano albums.

Reviews of “A Glimmer of Hope”:

“Annie’s classical roots are apparent in the richness of the harmonies and the beautiful flow of the melodies, and yet this music is timeless… I can’t wait to hear what else she has for us!… Recommended!”

Excerpt from a review of A Glimmer of Hope by Kathy Parsons of

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Excerpt from a review by Steve Sheppard:

“It’s a rare but wonderful thing, when you find a solo pianist from the UK in a genre that is usually dominated by the US. The compositions and arrangements are a total pleasure to listen to… A Glimmer of Hope is a release that could be described as a panacea to cure all ills. The music contained, within this album, touches the heart, gives us hope and leaves us at peace and in contentment. Annie Locke has taken to the solo Piano genre like a fish to water and the wait of twenty years has been well worth it. If you’re a lover of the solo piano genre, you’re really going to want to check this one out; it’s an album that has something for everyone.”

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Final Comment…

Annie Locke’s music has become popular with people of all ages and from all walks of life. The reasons for this are simple enough; her music touches the hearts of folk because she plays from the heart and wishes to help bring some sunshine and quiet into all our lives.

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