Andreas Fröberg

Andreas Fröberg


Ever since Andreas Fröberg laid his eyes on the piano in his childhood home, he’s been composing music. At an early age he discovered the possibility to create a landscape of emotions and to him, the piano became a sacred place where he could be completely honest.

Although becoming a doctor and psychiatrist may seem far from the art of composing, it has been a natural combination of passions for Andreas Fröberg.

“The music I create and my interest in meeting and helping people originate from the same source within me. The longing to connect with people, be understood and appreciated as well as understanding others.”

Andreas Fröberg creates melodic pieces, telling stories of the people he has met, letting the feelings from different experiences be the inspiration for his own personal sound. On his debut album “Medications” he is balancing between darkness, despair and airy harmonies filled with warmth and humility. All the songs are named after psychiatric drugs, something that’s very well thought out.

“I talk to people everyday about the very foundation of life and the meaning of continuing to live. The titles and drug names represent the reality and everyday life for the people I meet as a psychiatrist.”


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