Al Gilliom

Al Gilliom

Olympia, WA

Al Gilliom’s music will peel back your defenses and hit your soul.  His music melds a multitude of genres, including (but not limited to!): classical, rock, and contemporary.

Throwback to Al’s younger years: beginning life at just 1lb 11oz, the doctors played classical music into his isolette. Born into a world bursting with classical music, the spark never left.  He would sit mesmerized, watching his grandmother’s hands dance across the piano keys.  The piano awakened something inside of him— this language allowed him to take his life experiences and translate them into a universal medium - sound.

In the face of adversity, music brings hope into his life.  Through teaching and sharing his compositions,  he continually discovers the ability to ignite this feeling in others. Al’s dream is to share his life stories with you through his vulnerable music.

2 years ago, Al released an improvisatory solo piano album, ‘A Place Of Peace’.

As Al’s grown and changed as a person and a musician, and the stories that have burst forth from his fingers into original compositions that are unlike any he’s recorded before.

Al’s excited to offer a deeper glimpse into his world on his upcoming album, ‘The Light In Dark Spaces’.

Introverted to the core, Al is the definition of a wallflower.  (Well, let’s be honest. You won’t find him at a party.  He’d rather be at home practicing the piano, drinking a cup of tea (or homemade hard cider) or reading a book.)

In addition to making music, Al enjoys tending to his small homestead farm (with goats and chickens), cooking delicious meals, trying not to kill his houseplants, and reading paperback books.

Photo Credit: Ricky Osborne

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