Sevi Salam

Sevi Salam


Sevi Salam (born as Sevinc Salmanli) is an Azerbaijanian pianist and composer.
She comes from a musicians family. Her mother was also a pianist and a music teacher.
Sevi Salam has shown a lot of interest for music since her childhood. The sound of the piano fascinated her and she always wanted to play on the piano herself. That is the reason why she started learning the piano at the Special Music School called “Bul-Bul” in Baku. She made her first compositions at this time already.
Later on she received her classical education at the conservatoire of music in Baku. There she studied musicology and composition with Prof. F. Karayev. Even then she was interested in Rock, Pop and Jazz.
She writes her own songs with her own texts and experiments with various music styles and instruments. She composes pieces for violin, cello and guitar. But the most important instrument for her was and still is the piano. Her music is very emotional, lyrical and sensual. The music style is a mix of classic piano music, Jazz, Rock, Pop and improvised music.
She worked as a répétiteuse at the national “Azerbaijanian Ballet College”, as a lecturer for music at the “American University” in Baku, as a music teacher at the music high school and as a music journalist.
Sevi Salam lives in Nuremberg for 12 years. In this time she was already part of the Klezmer-Ensemble called “Nechama” and worked in the sing and dance theater Omnibus City Dance Nuernberg. Besides that she also plays classic and modern chamber music in a trio with pipe and cello.
Sevi Salam regularly performs on stage as a composer and pianist with her own pieces of music.

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