Rick Sparks

Rick Sparks

Greenville, SC


“Gorgeous arrangements - simple elegance. I love the pace and feel - you captured the magic of the songs!” -Bill Leslie, winner 2014 World Music Album of the Year.

It’s a beauty from the stunning cover artwork to every note of the music… if you are looking for some quiet, heartfelt piano music, be sure to check this one out! Recommended!” -Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

“An album full of grace, beauty and spiritual inspiration.” -Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus.

“Endless is, to me, one of the top albums of 2014, which is saying a lot because there was a lot of great music released this year. Fantastic music… gorgeous graphics, flawless production and virtuoso performance.” -Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

Artist Blog

  • My song choices on Endless.

    I love melody – every song on Endless has strong melody. I think that’s why I’ve always loved the music of The Beatles & Beach Boys. Once those great melodies got…

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