Richard Goldsworthy

Richard Goldsworthy

Coolum Beach, Australia

I have always had this thing about finding stillness. Searching out a quiet place, decluttering the mind, sleeping deeply and peacefully, mellowing my thoughts, pausing, breathing, and simplifying my life. These days so many people tell me they need more stillness in their life, but don’t know how to find it.

So I decided to create some music for stillness. Music that is just the sound of a beautiful resonant Grand Piano. Music that is quiet and simple. Music that calms and embraces you. Music that doesn’t have too many notes or frills.

I’ve taken myself on a few retreats and adventures to create this music, to places like Kauai, Hawaii, the red deserts of Arizona, The historic and deeply spiritual shrines and temples of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, The rainforest covered mountains of my birthplace in tropical North Queensland, Australia and the endless ocean that laps at the doorstep of my home on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Thanks for taking time to listen to my music. I hope you will be touched by the stillness.

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