Matthew Mayer

Matthew Mayer

Omaha, NE

From growing up in a town with no stoplights, to performing in front of thousands, and eventually reaching millions of listeners worldwide, #1 Billboard Charting Artist Matthew Mayer, has a story as curious and risk-taking as the music he creates.

Growing up in rural Canistota, South Dakota, Matthew’s first foray into the world of music came at age 12, when he discovered the piano – and with it, a lifelong love. Inspired by legendary solo piano godfather, George Winston, Matthew would debut his piano talents to patients at the Ortman Chiropractic Clinic, setting up each Wednesday evening on an old upright, to share an hour of piano and storytelling. With often as little as just two listeners in attendance, this is where Mayer began his live piano-show journey. 

In 1998, he gathered every dollar to his name, raising just enough to produce his first solo piano CD, Crossing the Bridge. As an Undergrad student at the University of South Dakota at the time, this next step certainly didn’t come without risk.

But what is the life of an artist without risk?

Matthew’s first CD went on to turn a profit, leading him to create another – and another… and another. As of 2023, Matthew has an extensive catalogue of more than 17 piano albums and a laundry list of expansive singles.

His solo journey took him to packing up his car in the summer of 2001, and driving out to Hollywood. Spending two years working at NBC’s Television Entertainment Show, Access Hollywood, Mayer’s introductory into the entertainment business was both eye-opening, and motivating.

Mayer’s ‘put it on the line’ mentality at an early age, mixed with the midst of a passionate release schedule, came a wave of accolades and global recognition. Matthew has twice scooped a coveted Telly Award and even hit the pinnacle of the New Age music scene in 2018 when he reached #1 on the Billboard Charts.

In recent years, Matthew’s music has become synonymous with the explosion of viral online content and music streaming. From his 2022 album ‘Piano Lullabies’ quickly amassing more than 30 million streams on Amazon Music, to his latest hit ‘When Flowers Grew Wild’ being used as the soundtrack to more than 55,000 Instagram Reels from creators across the world, Matthew has met the 21st century musical evolution head on and tackled it with a smile.

Having experienced first hand the journey of a small town pianist turned international performer,  Matthew has dedicated much of his life to the genre of solo piano, and helping other independent artists shine in the process.

From developing and teaching a first of its kind course (The Business of Music) at his alma mater to founding – an online platform dedicated to celebrating and promoting the largest collection of independent solo piano artists (Over 600 Artists Worldwide) – Matthew continues to dedicate himself to spreading the timeless magic of solo piano music.

Today, you can find Matthew Mayer’s music on all major streaming platforms and discover more about the journey of an aspiring solo pianist from his podcast, Going Solo.

Mayer has embarked on three Croatia Tours with Croatia’s most talented and versatile composer, Matej Mestrovic performing in the National Theaters of Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, and Varazdin, opening for talents including Turkey’s Hakan Ali Toker, and Croatia’s own Matija Dedic. He has also performed with Matej and the talented Antonija Pacek on the island of Brijuni with even movie stars like Rade Serbedzija in attendance.

Matthew is also a contributor and guest writer on the popular CD Baby DIY Musician Blog, specializing on being an independent artist in the music industry today, and recently spoke at the CD Baby Music Conference in Austin, TX.

“Matt Mayer is not just a writer of music, he is a writer with music!”

- George Larrimore, Managing Editor | NBC Universal

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