Matthew Mayer

Matthew Mayer

Omaha, NE

Matthew Mayer has released 10 Solo Piano Albums!

All good writers strive to give us a sense of time, place, mood. True artists in music make it possible for us to bring back our memory senses through their music. Matt Mayer does all that (again) with his new album, Remember Your Waltz.

The title track reminded me instantly of my parents softly dancing in our living room to the black and white music of a long-ago television show. Another track, Canistota Bike Ride, evokes just that; a kid on his bike, legs churning, feet spinning, off down a dusty road in the shadowy afternoon light, dreaming as he flies. The flourish at the end is that same boy stepping on the brakes in the gravel, grinning in a cloud of dust. Words in the song titles point you in the direction this album is going; Remember, Innocence, Curiosity, Dreams, Childhood. So does the cover photo; the child, barely speaking in sentences, and yet already with this music in his head. It’s a treat to hear every time I hear it.

Matt Mayer is not just a writer of music, he is a writer with music!

George Larrimore, Managing Editor | NBC Universal

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