Martin Horn

Martin Horn

Redding California

Hello my cherished listener. Does your heart need healing? Do you want to share my joy?

“Creating, a fragile moment as a winter chill affectionately yielding to the first warm spring breeze. A brief encounter, a wisp of sweet fragrance, an eclipse of radiance, the whisper of a wing, then a return to certainty. The embrace of instrument, soul and Creator welcoming truth, my eternal friend, for a short visit.”

Looking ahead is more my style, so this biography is quick to the facts. I started music at the age of ten when my parents purchased a Lowrey organ with two manuals (two keyboards) and foot pedals. This gave me the coordination I needed for that early age. After moving out on my own, I couldn’t afford a keyboard so I bought a guitar. I would visit my local University to keep up on keyboards and I discovered a love for the piano.

I started composing when frustrated with the struggles of reading music. Performing other composer’s pieces was too much like my full time job as a printer. I was unfulfilled until I started writing my own songs, and soon I found a much greater reward in composing. It was creation! Half of my inspiration comes from the people around me. Deeply feeling their troubles and joys presents me with the responsibility to comfort and offer praise in song and word. If the words can not be spoken, then the music takes me over. If I don’t hear music, then the written word will bring comfort. The other half of inspiration is the pure joy of standing in God’s wilderness surrounded by only the creation of the Lord. Truth is wilderness. All that our senses embrace is God. How much closer can one be to the Creator than here in creation? The Bible repeats the theme of isolation from Adam to Moses to Jesus. The exhilaration of looking to the Heavens in the wilderness and feeling the complete peace of the green trees contrasted on the blue sky is my heaven on earth.

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