Mark Freshwater

Mark Freshwater

Columbus, OH

Mark studied classical piano as a child, later working his way through choirs and folk groups in the early 60’s and on into rock bands in the late 60’s and 70’s. There are many early influences in his music from classical to heavy rock. He sang in party bands in the 80’s and bought his first grand piano in 1988.

During the 90’s, he played keyboards and sang in 2 Christian Praise bands (Cleveland, OH and Catalina, AZ). In 2012 he reunited with his college rock band in Pittsburgh and helped produce an Americana album. On the heels of that, Mark has produced 8 instrumental CDs of mostly original piano and electronic keyboard driven music.

His unique stylings reflect influences from the many genres of his background. Two of his 8 albums are heavily New Age influenced (Biosphere and Native Connections) His music is streamable on Spotify and other sites. Discs and downloads available from Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, etc.

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