Livio Ventura

Livio Ventura

Rome, Italy

I am an Italian composer born January 29th 1963 in Rome.

I studied piano at the music conservatory in Rome and Madrid and music composition in Johannesburg, where I was the first student to complete a composition degree using electronic instruments. I collaborated extensively with the Drama and Film department and contributed with my original compositions to theatre plays and a film written and directed by the students of the drama school.
My first composition for orchestra, reading voice, magnetic tape and audio effects, received first prize at the Total Music Collection Competition.
The South African guitarist Tessa Ziegler recorded Candlelight in her CD “Another side of me”, distributed by EMI.
My electronic instruments programming skills enabled me in 1989 to start a 34 years long career in Information Technology.
In 2007, during a family trip to South Africa, I composed Mpumalanga a collection of musical impressions for a pierrot lunaire ensemble.
I had the privilege to conduct the premiere of Haiku for Orchestra (2012) at my orchestra conducting graduation recital at the Latina Conservatory.
In 2018 I completed at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music in Rome my Film music master degree.

Making sense of time, a collection of six musical moments was released for my 60th birthday by EMA Vinci. Making sense of time - my first album of original piano compositions - is a March 2023 Global music awards winner.

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