Jeff Kinder

Jeff Kinder

Jeff was born in Painesville, Ohio. After begging to learn piano for some time, his parents found a teacher and he began taking lessons at age 6. At age 9, piano lessons were not all that fun anymore. “Working outside of school just didn’t seem right in my young mind,” he recalls. By age 13, he decided to take a break from formal training. It was then that he turned to composing.

Jeff’s first songs were heard only by his parents, then at church, where he often played during Sunday morning service. The church having a K. Kawai 7-foot grand in top shape spoiled him, he says. Hundreds heard these first attempts at piano composition, and effusive encouragement spurred Jeff to take up guitar and keyboard as well.

During his teens, his songwriting for the piano blossomed. At the same time, he honed his ability on guitar and keyboard through playing with other youth in the church. He immersed himself in improving his technique on keyboard and decided it was time to go back to lessons late in high school. 

Jeff chose to study music and arts while attending Kentucky Christian College (now University). Between the playing time required as a piano major and constantly playing for chapel services, his technique was taken to a new level.

He was the first from his college to be accepted into the Contemporary Music Center (then in Martha’s Vineyard). While at the CMC, he began focusing on his solo piano writing. He became familiar with orchestration while studying at Kentucky Christian and often used cello and violin accompaniment in the first pieces he composed during his early 20s. His inspiration stems from a long list of artists and composers, most notably film composers Ennio Morricone and James Horner. Piano inspirations come from Michael W. Smith, Bruce Hornsby, Jim Brickman, George Winston, Barry Gordon and many others.

After years of developing his sound, he’s grateful to now have the ability to record and release his works. He attributes his creative ability to his Creator, and is involved with the music ministry at his church.

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