South Louisiana, USA

Isadar has been playing the piano since he was a toddler,  before he was able to speak.  A ‘Cajun,’ born and raised in south Louisiana, Isadar was influenced by the contemporary instrumental music of the early 1980s being marketed by Windham Hill Records. 

After hearing the piano works of George Winston and further, attending a performance by pianist Liz Story in Baton Rouge, Isadar became interested in composing for solo piano, including recordings made for software playback in Yamaha Disklavier player-pianos. 

Grammy award winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman produced a solo piano project for Isadar.  The project, titled Reconstructed (Solo Piano) is a re-working and re-recording of tracks Ackerman felt were the strongest from piano albums Isadar released since 1990. 

Sheet music is available in songbooks & digital downloads for all of Isadar’s solo piano works.

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