Edo Sanz

Edo Sanz


Welcome to my bio, it’s all about me and my fourth…, i mean fifth album…, or is it the sixth…?, anyway, first solo piano album ;)
i was born in Mexico City, studies…?, lots, i used to be in one after another music school but after a while i always left them as i was looking for something quite different…, my house my inspiration!, fourth son of incredible talented artists…, or was i the fifth…?, ok ok, my life has always been full of inspiration through my parents blessed arts then my older siblings and even my younger brother has inspired my music life so much so i thank all my entire family for being such a great inspiration since i remember, then i married my wife Laus and one more great inspiration came, she’s also been my biggest support and lovely companion who’s been pushing me to leave the shadows and share all the music that is in my soul, so here i am and i will do my best for doing this i’ve loved since ever, i’ve been composing since age of five but stop for a while when turning myself into a rock band, there i found other styles and played other instruments too but then i’m back with my first and beloved one passion, the Piano…, it’s always been there and now i’m more than anything into it as it’s where i can express all that i’ve done and even ask for the things that will come in a certain way…, it’s just been great and makes me feel joyful and blessed and i wish i can share this with anyone who listen to my music…, as music is there for everybody, pls enjoy…
My most sincere gratitude ;)
Edo Sanz

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