Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper

Melbourne, Australia

Australian pianist and composer Daniel Cooper is proud to present his debut solo piano album, "Emotion Elements". Determined to not become just another modern day classical ‘parrot’ performing pieces from eras long gone, Daniel seeks to push the boundaries of contemporary composition and piano performance.

Recorded in Melbourne, Australia with award winning classical producer Thomas Grubb (Mano Musica), "Emotion Elements" showcases Daniel’s virtuosity and creativity as a performer and composer.

In his own words; "I’m not trying to make classical music cool. There’s a million pianists out there playing the classics (very well). I’m here to share my story and the method of delivery for that story happens to be music. More importantly, my own compositions and a few traditional pieces that mean something to me. ‘Emotion Elements’ is my debut album and represents the first part of my story. I am so happy to be able to share it."

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