Dan Becker

Dan Becker

My first exposure to piano was lessons for a school year around the age of 11.  Then I became a rebellious teenager and took up guitar and cigarettes, thought myself a badass, and joined a rock band.  Around the age of 17, I came back to my roots and started dabbling on the piano again.  It’s always been a true passion of mine, and it’s the only passion that has never left me.

My favorite part of music is when I’m in the process of creating something.  An idea is rolling around in my head incessantly and I find myself needing to express it, compulsively almost.  Those fleeting moments of creating are just bliss.

Over the past 20 years I have written 3 albums of solo piano.  Dialogue was released in December of 2023.  Abject will be released late winter, and Pushing Buttons in the spring.  They each have their own unique flavor.  Dialogue is the early work, the simpler, happier pieces that are generally more upbeat.  Abject is dark and compelling, moody and sad.  Pushing Buttons is a bit experimental, engaging, and surprising.

I hope you enjoy the music!

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