Becky Ainge

Becky Ainge

United Kingdom

British pianist and composer Becky Ainge, born and raised in Birmingham, the heart of England. Becky is a classically trained pianist with a particular love of moody pop, rock and soundtrack. After spending 7 years in Finland and relocating back to the U.K. in 2018, she now writes and composes inspired by nature and feeling. The result is raw, real, emotive, contemporary/modern classical, minimalist, solo piano.

‘Indifference’ is the single from the debut 4 track E.P. ‘From the Depths’ released 24.04.2020. ‘From the Depths’ tells a story, there’s a beginning, a dramatic middle and a beautifully romantic end. Stay tuned. This is the most moving, deep and emotive of her music so far.

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